• Yong Gang Price In Pakistan

    All Natural SEX Enhancer. YongGang Tablets - Chinese herbal medicine,
    effective sex enhancer without any side effects.
    1 Tin of 8 Tablets -- 750mg each Authentic and Original. Guaranteed!
    Increased Erection Ability Bigger,
    Rock-Hard Erections Increased Sexual Drive & Desire Amazing Strength,
    Stamina and Energy Total Satisfaction For You and your partner Incredible Sexual Performance and Pleasure Better Health of Important Body Functions The Greatest Sex Life You Ever Had!
    Greater Confidence & Reduced Anxiety


    1. Increases stamina and erection firmness
    2. Improves vitality & intimacy
    3. Alleviates depression
    4. Regains lost desire
    5. Long lasting efficacy
    6. Restores energy
    7. YongGang Ingredients (each tablet):
    8. Chinese Yam 150 mg
    9. Licorice 75 mg
    10. Gorgon Fruit Lily 112.5 mg
    11. Chinese Chive Seed 112.5 mg
    12. Chinese Wolfberry fruit 75 mg
    13. Jobs Tears Seeds 112.5 mg
    14. Bitter Cardamom 112.5 mg

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