• Taser Gun Price In Pakistan

    Police Brand High Power Stun Gun Torch For Women Self Defense.
    10,00000 Volts Shocking Torch. Sparking shock with Sound.
    ON / OFF button so that you can not press the shock button by mistake.
    The TASER is a self-protection electronic control gadget. Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) utilize pushed wires to lead vitality to influence the tactile and engine elements of the sensory system. Likewise, the TASER can be utilized as an immediate contact daze gadget. The TASER utilizes a replaceable TASER cartridge, containing compacted nitrogen, to send two little tests that are connected to the TASER by protected conductive wires with a most extreme length of 15 feet (4.5 meters). The vitality can infiltrate up to two total inches of apparel or one crawl for each test.
    after the get in touch with it just Immobilizes a human's muscles for around 30 seconds.
    the best non-deadly self security weapon.

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