• Spy Pen Camera Price In Pakistan

    Spy Pen Camera is the universes most slender Spy Pen Camera with up to 2,4, and 8 GB Capacity. Presently the time has come to dispose of those revolting shabby improbable pen cameras " if " accessible in the business sector. Our most slender pen cam is with numerous more capacities that were never accessible in a video pen camera. Most slender Spy Pen Camera. Littlest Pen DVR, Spy Pen Cam Video; Pen Recorder; Pen AV Recorder; Spy Pen Recorder; Micro Pen Cam; Pen Camcorder up to 8 GB worked in; Spy Pen Cam in addition to TF, 1.3 MP Still Image.

    4 Cool Functions include:

    1. Video Recording.
    2. Still Image.

    Specs and Features are as following:

    1. Video record: 640*480 CIF determination - IMAGE 1.3 MP Video.
    2. Formats: AV1,recommended player rainstorm sound and video.
    3. KM Player, Mplayer and other multi-group backing of the media player.
    4. Working time: 2 hours.
    5. Battery sort: High-limit lithium battery.
    6. Standard port: Plug in straight standard USB.
    7. Body size:13.8*1.3cm/36.2g. .
    8. 1 Year Warranty.
    Prices with GBs
    Magic Pen 4GB 3500 PKR
    Magic Pen 8GB 4500 PKR

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