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  • Spy Glasses Price In Pakistan

    The Spy glasses with builtin camcorder could be your first security defender if there should be an occurrence of peril or any arrangement/proof. The Elegant glasses with camcorder is non-perceivable since there is no light amid Recording. Having magnificent cost in pakistan, these spy camera glasses are avilable across the country with free conveyance. You may even change the eye glass as indicated by your sight number, subsequent to everything is situated in casing of camcorder glasses. While catching an occasion either, in picture or video design, the nature of the pictures is dependably the main need. With the second Generation Fashioned and cool 1080p Eyewear spy glasses camcorder, you can record anything without utilizing hands or being taken note.
    1. Contains 1920 X 1080 video determination.
    2. Its lithium battery makes it more productive as one won't require an outside force source.
    3. It likewise contains a TF card opening which can bolster up to 32GB. This makes it feasible for you to store your information even in expansive
    4. Recording time up to 02 hours
    5. Easy Connection with PC/Laptop. No driver required
    6. User Friendly single operation catch
    7. A high important item for columnists, bargain creators, specialists, Tourists or understudies.
    8. Make Videos in .avi group
    The way that the gadget is composed as regular glasses makes it compact and one can catch scenes without being taken note. The gadget joins a USB link, a conveying pocket and an English client manual.
    Disclaimer We unequivocally prescribe/demand for its positive use. Any abuse by client is dependable of its own demonstration

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