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  • Spanish fly sex drops in pakistan go by plane sex drop is no hue no smell, it is can disintegrate into all types of beverages quickly, after woman drink, it is can effect directly, face turn red and rush breath, Sex desire eyes, wholly body goes very hot and she strongly need hardest sex, After taking Spanish Fly sex Drops in Pakistan female wish to make hard sex drive with male. This merchandise has good effect in estrus induction for male and female, help males and females conceive more magnificent sexy know-how.

    If a female wish to make hottest love and want to make extreme sex desire then Spanish Fly Sex Drops in Pakistan is the best solution to make her happy. And have a pleasure night. Become a greet partner with great romance and love.

    Usage and dosage:

    orally take one part each time, without hue or flavor, rapidly soaked up in any wine or drinks.


    1. Do not take it except in sexy intercourse and children are not allowed to use it.
    2. Only one piece is taken each time.
    3. It is not allowed to use spanish fly sex drops in pakistan for inducing young women


    1. It contain a 5ml/piece.


    1. keep it in shadow and dry environment.

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