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  • Snap N Grip Price In Pakistan

    These two light widespread wrenches will quickly supplant a whole exhibit of costly, substantial wrench sets. With Snap'n Grip you will dependably have the right torque close by for a wide range of nut and fastener. In a split second manage every one of those pipes, carpentry, mechanical and garden employments in the house, carport and greenery enclosure. Snap'n Grip is a protected, effective and commonsense framework; the planners' focused on making it simple to handle.
    1. 2 all inclusive wrenches for all stray pieces.
    2. Efficient, reasonable and simple to utilize
    3. Instantly deal with all occupations.
    4. Automatically fits to the size and state of stray pieces
    Snap'n Grip is an imaginative framework, which comprises of two widespread wrenches, consolidating the firm hold of a ring wrench with the straightforward methodology of an open-end wrench. With these two wrenches you can release or fix a wide range of stray pieces, regardless of their size and shape, as the wrenches adjust independent from anyone else. The answer for every one of your issues with taps, valves, channels, lines, radiators, boilers, wheels, and so forth.

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