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  • Sauna Steam Bath Price In Pakistan

    At long last, the perfect approach to shed pounds at home. On account of Total Sauna Bath, appreciate the advantages of Sauna Bath at home. Unwinding, prosperity and aides in weight reduction. It goes rapidly, consumes up little room and is anything but difficult to utilize. So you can utilize it while perusing or sitting in front of the TV. All out Sauna Bath will help you to take care of your skin issues, assuage your muscles, joints, diminish stretch and get thinner.

    Sauna Bath Advantages

    1. Sauna Steam Bath diminish weight.
    2. Sauna Steam expand blood dissemination
    3. Sauna Steam Bath blaze calories
    4. Sauna Steam Bath unwind body muscles, can be utilize every day for body unwinding.

    Sauna Bath Benefits:

    1. Versatile Steam Sauna Bath in Pakistan
    2. Weight reduction – Burns 600+ Calories in 30 minutes
    3. Steam advances blood flow, facilitates exhaustion and diminishes stress
    4. The sauna shower waterproof fabric holds in the warmth
    5. Vents leave the hands free so you can read while you steam
    6. Fortify Cardiovascular System

    Sauna Bath Specifications:

    1. Segments: Sauna Bath/Air Pump
    2. Items Dimensions: Diameter of 96 * 106 cm high
    3. Power: 1000W
    4. Most noteworthy Temperature: 58 Centigrade
    5. Pressing: Carton Box (Gross Weight 8KGS/Packing Size: 49*24*30 cm)
    6. Accessible colors:Red Blue Stripes

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