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  • Sauna Belt Price In Pakistan

    Sauna Belt a little freely (Not too tight!), in a manner that you can check at regular intervals if your skin is getting red. On the off chance that your skin gets red, diminish the temperature to keep away from conceivable skin harm.
    1. If you have delicate skin, we emphatically encourage you to utilize the Sauna Belt over a T- shirt because of its warmth keeping in mind the end goal to cease from skin disturbances or blazes.
    2. It is critical to utilize the Sauna Belt at room temperature and not to utilize aerating and cooling to attempt and build its viability. Along these lines, your body won't feel the impacts of sudden changes in temperature.
    3. Before setting the Sauna Belt on your skin, ensure you are in an agreeable position either resting or holding up. Be that as it may, don't utilize the Sauna Belt in the event that you are lying on your stomach or taking a seat, as this could bring about issues in the gadgets electrical circuit.
    4. Do not utilize any sort of skin cream or comparable item while utilizing the Sauna Belt as your skin pores will be completely open and skin cream could bring about an unfavorably susceptible response.
    5. Drinking hot beverages, for example, milk, tea or espresso while utilizing the Sauna Belt is prescribed. Try not to drink chilly beverages. Try not to utilize the Sauna Belt promptly after suppers.

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