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  • Roti Maker Price In Pakistan

    Value the most clear strategy for making Chapati with electric Roti Maker, now available just for you. Make thin and romanticize round chapatis in smallest attempts with this shocking thing. The thing is definitely not hard to use and can be passed on wherever nearby you. Making support is no more a strain now; basically get less perplexing with electri.

    How to use?

    1. Place player at the upper edge of the lower base of the Roti Maker.
    2. Now close the spread and press the blend for one. The musing is two get roti decisively the inside.
    3. Allows that to cook for 20 seconds and swing it to the following side.
    4. Now close the roti with the top for 20 seconds and resuscitate it.
    5. You will see padded Roti arranged to eat now.

    Roti Maker Benefits

    1. Rolls and cooks chapattis in couple of minutes
    2. Save attempts, time and cooking oil
    3. Non-stick plates cooking diminishes calories
    4. Temperature can be controlled by Thermostat
    5. Works on 230/240 V AC, 50 Hz
    6. Consumes the power 900 Watts
    7. Got stainless steel body
    8. Roti Maker is a sublime gift Item
    9. Incredible utility in sorts of families
    8 inch diagram Price: 4500/- PKR
    10 inch diagram Price:6000 /- PKR

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