• Nicer Dicer Fusion Price In Pakistan

    This set includes:

    1. 1 x cutting-shell
    2. 1 x cutting-base
    3. 1 x Knife application no. 2 (6 x 6 mm/12 x 12 mm)
    4. 1 x matrix little sticks
    5. 1 x XXL-sharp edge embed Nr. 4 (24 x 24 mm)
    6. 1 x pins matrix size
    7. 1 x sharp edge embed No. 3 (quarter and eighth)
    8. 1 x cutting stamp
    9. 1 x gatherer (limit: 2.5 l)
    10. 1 x Frischhaltedeckel

    FREE You will receive

    1. 1 x Nicer Slicer incl. Cutting edge monitor
    2. 1 x Hand-item holder free
    3. 1 x HandyShopper
    Set up a delightful, solid and engaging dish requires a considerable measure of readiness work.
    Numerous fixings in speaking to cut solid shapes or sticks, uniform strips, quarters, eighths or clean windows is exceptionally troublesome. This not just costs time, you require incalculable kitchen devices, for example, blades, bowls, cutting loads up, and so on. These require a considerable measure of storage room in the kitchen furthermore they have not generally within reach.
    Not any longer: The Nicer Dicer Fusion and the shrewd Nicer Slicer you have everything in one - basic, reasonable and space-sparing is not by any stretch of the imagination!
    The Nicer Dicer combination and Nicer Slicer are marvelous for the readiness of hors d'oeuvres, dishes, pastries and substantially more - all without power!

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