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  • Micro Touch Max Trimmer Price In Pakistan

    Small scale Touch Max Personal Ear Nose Neck Eyebrow Hair Trimmer Remover Small scale Touch Max All In One Personal Hair Trimmer Item Features Trims Hair with small scale Precision Built-in light half more cutting edge half more power stainless steel Rubber non slip grasp 2 brush connections edge cleaning brush Includes guideline manual Usage for: Nose Ear eyebrows Neckline Sideburns Trimming hair around ears (touch-ups in the middle of hair styles.
    1. You can expel your harsh hair effectively like on your neck, in the nose and anyplace on your body.
    2. Micro touch max gives you flawless and clean preparing you can utilize it from your head to your foot.
    3. It is just trimmer which have light you can adjusted your facial hair and eyebrow, clean your nose and neck hair.
    4. If you need to be slick and clean then deny the unsafe gigot and purchase this smaller scale touch max.

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