• Key Chain Camera Price In Pakistan

    his is the main genuine super HD 1080P remote control auto key chain with HD Camcorder and External stockpiling and infrared night vision, and it underpins for extensive Micro SD. What's more, it has heaps of down to earth capacities, elegant choice appearance, stable quality, a wide assortment of employments, and will bring you exceptional experience and be your imperative utility.

    This item applies to: the columnist interviews, records of occurrences, life records, amusement and recreation, sports records, helper records of showing records, home security observing, criminal legal sciences, humanities scene, outside experience recording, assistant memory and so on...

    Package includes::

    1. 1 x 1080P Keychain Camera T4000
    2. 1 x USB Cable
    3. 1 x TV out/AV link
    4. 1 x Lanyard
    5. 1 x User Manual
    6. 1 X additional spread shell

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