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  • Double Side Grill Pan Price In Pakistan

    This Happy call credible unique twofold skillet. Make nourishment effectively and advantageously diminishing smell and smoke from spreading in the kitchen. Incorporates a FDA affirmed silicone seal, counteracting smell and smoke, as well as oil from splattingering. Additionally incorporates a helpful magnet handle lock, safely keeping the Double Pan close while cooking. Stuffed with extra components like the Smart Oil Catch Tray, keeping dampness from dribbling onto the cook best notwithstanding when upper skillet is completely open.
    FDA Approved, silicone seal to avoid undesirable smoke and smell.
    Worked in Smart Oil Catch Tray to avoid dampness and oil slicks when upper dish is open.
    Solid magnets, inserted on the handle guarantee tight upper and lower container.
    3-layer non-stick certain covering inside.
    Ideal for cooking fish, fajitas, steak, bacon, frittatas, and so on.

    Product Size

    36 cm Bigger
    7.0 cm Deeper

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