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    Progressive Auto Curl innovation to easily make wonderful, free-streaming twists with enduring impact. Proficient warming framework for quick twist arrangement - hair is consequently attracted to the earthenware twist chamber where it is delicately held and warmed from all headings to shape a twist. Programmed twist bearing makes a characteristic completion in the hair by altering the course of every twist as you style. Frizz minimizing Ionic molding framework 2 heat settings and 3 clock settings with sound bleep marker for various twist impacts. Modified the styler to make free-streaming, common waves or characterized twists.
    1. 2.5m swivel string for control whilst styling.
    2. Heat security mat to ensure surfaces whilst styling.
    3. On/off switch
    4. Heat prepared marker
    5. 20min rest mode capacity
    6. Auto close off
    7. 2.5m swivel line Heat insurance mat
    8. 3 year ensure.

    Top Tips

    IMPORTANT! This styler is not intended for use on long hair and ought not be utilized on hair lengths beneath the bust. The hair should be dry and went through. Separate a perfect segment of hair, around 3cm wide. At the point when working with normally wavy or more length hair, use littler areas. Continuously embed the hair into the styler with the open part of the twist chamber confronting towards the head. For more length hair, the styler should be embedded further down the hair segment to guarantee the hair is drawn into the twist chamber effectively.
    IMPORTANT! The perfect segment of hair must be embedded into the opening, past the hair plug until it achieves the straightforward aide. Immovably shut the handles together to permit the hair to be drawn into the twist chamber. Keep the styler in position and once the hair has been drawn into the twist chamber, the styler will begin beeping.
    Keep on holding the handles shut until the styler sounds four speedy beeps in progression, this is to demonstrate the time is up. Discharge the handles completely and easily pull the styler far from the head to uncover the twist. NOTE: If the styler is pulled away before the handles are opened fully then the curl will be straightened out.

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