• Ashitjivak Price In Pakistan

    The antiquated Sanskrit content expressing how to draw out life and advance wellbeing by dispensing with the reason for ailment than simple treating it, is the thing that structures the premise of Ayurveda. Ayurveda utilizes the perfect information of sages assembled by tenacious investigation of nature and human body. The outcome is a therapeutic framework which is protected and beyond any doubt. Ayurveda utilizes just herbal concentrates and natural subsidiaries to keep the essentials of body in equalization. Other than proposing what and how to take if there should be an occurrence of an affliction, it additionally prompts on a way of life to keep an illness and manage a cure. It is a finished logic for prosperity for brain, body and soul.

    Knee Pain Relief

    The supernatural occurrence cure of all solid and joint agonies, particularly Knee agony, was said to initially arranged by Pt. Sri Ram Sharma in a Rajasthan Village around 175 years back. Legend has it that it was so famous amid those times that seeing Indian average citizens and troopers profiting from it, even British began utilizing it as a part of India and in Britain. Be that as it may, planning mystery was just constrained to few, prompting it not turning into a family unit cure. This arrangement was later passed to eras of Vaidhya Sharma and in the long run shaped a sorted out planning and dissemination setup with a specific end goal to make this supernatural occurrence cure accessible to a greater populace.
    Favorable circumstances of utilizing Asthijivak oil and Paste :-
    Gives quick alleviation from solid and joint agonies, particularly Knee torment.
    Can be utilized by any individual of various age bunch.
    No reaction as it is natural.
    Reestablishes the readiness and adaptability of the body once more.


    Asthijivak Oil – Arand (Root), Ajwain , Akarkara, Gawarpath, Pan, Ashwagandha ,Haldi,Rasna, Nirgundi Asthijivak Powder –Mitha Vish , Dard Maida Chhal , Kuchala, Rae, Halo, Haldi , Mila Thotha , Aankada Phool.

    Advantages of Asthi Jivak

    1 Joint Pain Relief. 2 Knee Pain. 3 Muscular Pain.

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