• The Ab Rocket Twister Exercise machine reinforces your center by shaking forward and backward for less demanding crunches, reverse crunches, sideways activities and the sky is the limit from there. The creative seat outline gives you a choice to wander aimlessly your lower body to amplify your work-out. It gives a complete stomach locale workout. It targets upper abs, center abs, lower abs and side obliques for an aggregate abdominal muscle workout.

    The three levels of Resistance Springs (Low, Medium And High) offer you an impeccable measure of resistance for any wellness level. The pads backing and back rub while you work out, so no more neck or back torment. It helps you to shed pounds and get the ideal abs. The Ab rocket twister exercise machine accompanies an assortment of stomach muscle exercise programs, alongside the dinner arrange for that will help you shed additional weight and creeps. It has a solid tubular metal edge which makes this machine additional durable.


    1. Strengthens your center with no neck strain
    2. Targets your upper abs, center abs and lower abs and oblique’s
    3. It has padding rub rollers over the head and back bolster you as you work out
    4. No back or neck torment
    5. Lose Weight
    6. Reduce additional inches
    7. Stronger stomach range
    8. Improves your stance
    9. Improved Metabolism
    10. Improved body solidness and adaptability

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